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Two ASIST Posters and VCU Technology Days

A good week for hearing back about things.

Both short papers I submitted to ASIST were accepted.

Fred and I submitted a claimID write-up with the title “Self-Representation of Online Identity in Collected Hyperlinks”.

Additionally, my first attempt at writing down my thoughts about the use of social tags over time was accepted with the current title “Tag Decay: A View Into Aging Folksonomies”.

I’m very excited about both of them – and look forward to feedback. These two topics, in their own way, are presenting themselves as the structure beneath my upcoming dissertation research – Contextual Authority Tagging.

The second bit of news this week was concerning my talk at the VCU Technology Days next week in Richmond, Va. I’ve been given the keynote slot at 12:30pm on Wednesday to speak about “Online Identity Management”. Additionally, I’ll be there on Thursday to field questions about claimID specifically. Please drop in if you’re nearby.

It’s funny how weeks go by without a feeling of tangible progress. And then there are weeks like this one.

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