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Goodnight claimID

From a coffee shop on Franklin Street in May 2006… To today… After 7 years, 6 months, and 20 days, Fred and I have closed the doors we opened at We tried for months to keep the existing codebase up and running, but have hit a wall and decided to make a clean break […]

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claimID all over again

So, it seems we were onto something with claimID. Just not quite at the scale we needed back in 2005. Today, Google launched “Me on the Web” as part of their Google Dashboard. However, your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether […]

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Summer of ’08 – Part I

It’s almost June. Wow. The last month and a half have really been a blur. Let’s see if we can work out why… PARC I met Ed Chi at ASIST last October when he hijacked a panel with his very interesting work on WikiDashboard. I had seen the work already and knew enough about it […]

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Travel/Conferences this winter and spring

In case either of you reading this want to catch me while I’m in your neighborhood… Social Graph Foo Camp Feb 1-3, 2008 – O’Reilly Campus, Sebastopol, CA Attending for myself and for claimID – this will be my first Foo Camp. I’m excited to meet some of the names I’ve been reading/watching for some […]

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MicroID gains another foothold or three

This week (and a little of last month) – MicroID has made some major progress. MyOpenID First, I see that MyOpenID has implemented MicroID. Excellent implementation. They allow you a lot of control over how your information should be shared – and with your confirmed email addresses, they publish MicroID for others to be able […]

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IIW, OpenLifeBits, and Facebook’s Beacon

So, two weeks on, I write up my thoughts on my trip to IIW2007B at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. As I wrote over at claimID, we had an incredible few days. There was a new energy in the air this time as interoperability was assumed and a focus on services began to […]

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ClaimID users needed for APM documentary

We just heard from American Public Media’s American RadioWorks – they want to interview some claimID users for an upcoming documentary about online identity. What fun. The wonderful folks at American Public Media‚Äôs American RadioWorks are looking for ClaimID users to appear in an hourlong documentary about online identity and self-marketing. This is a great […]

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Two ASIST Posters and VCU Technology Days

A good week for hearing back about things. Both short papers I submitted to ASIST were accepted. Fred and I submitted a claimID write-up with the title “Self-Representation of Online Identity in Collected Hyperlinks”. Additionally, my first attempt at writing down my thoughts about the use of social tags over time was accepted with the […]

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eekim, STODID podcast, and SXSW

A few days ago I was excited to find that Eugene Eric Kim had posted about a conversation we’d had (when I apparently ambushed him) at the last Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View in December. I love it when people who write well make me sound smart. What was he doing that I found […]

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New Verified Page at claimID

We rolled out Verified Pages today. OpenID is in the air, and providing services across domains will become very important very soon. I think we’re still about six months out from the Big Bang. August. I’m calling it. Verification underlies Identity. Identity underlies claims about a person. Aggregated claims underlie the reputations we ascribe to […]

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