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MicroID gains another foothold or three

This week (and a little of last month) – MicroID has made some major progress.


First, I see that MyOpenID has implemented MicroID. Excellent implementation. They allow you a lot of control over how your information should be shared – and with your confirmed email addresses, they publish MicroID for others to be able to better confirm it’s really you.


Second – Plaxo has rolled out their canonical URLs for each user. Before, the space autoforwarded to an ‘add me’ page for each user. This was less than perfect for MicroID since MicroID calculates hashes based on the displayed URL in the browser.

With a tweak to the apache configuration at Plaxo, the URLs are stable and Joseph got it working to spec and now things are humming.

Plaxo publishes a MicroID for each of the verified email addresses in your account.

Good stuff.


In another strong showing for the spec – this morning, Digg rolled out MicroID on their user pages as well. You can see them on any user page at Additionally, Digg has taken the interesting new approach to publishing MicroIDs in their responses to API calls as well. A request for developer Steve Williams’ profile via the API produces:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<users timestamp="1201200757" total="1" offset="0" count="1">
 <user name="sbwms" icon="" registered="1135702996" profileviews="14706" fullname="Steve Williams" microid="mailto+http:sha1:e945976887f47a4ae2bc20dace1a3e4a3808143c">
  <link href="" description="BayCHI" date="1190263703" />
  <link href="" description="Moffett Blog" date="1190263688" />
  <link href="" description="Home Page" date="1190263641" />

Excellent work all around – this Data Portability thing is actually going to happen one day.

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