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MicroIDs now at WeeWar and MyBlogLog

Two more feathers in the MicroID cap today… Both Fred and the MicroID blog have the news: MyBlogLog has just started publishing MicroIDs (and FOAF) for member pages at And… WeeWar has also started publishing MicroIDs and some XFN. You can see Alexander Kohlhofer’s profile at

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MicroID gains another foothold or three

This week (and a little of last month) – MicroID has made some major progress. MyOpenID First, I see that MyOpenID has implemented MicroID. Excellent implementation. They allow you a lot of control over how your information should be shared – and with your confirmed email addresses, they publish MicroID for others to be able […]

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PunBB support of MicroID updated to version .3

A MicroID day here today… Rickard committed my tweak to the PunBB 1.3 codebase to be MicroID compatible with version .3 of the spec. The changeset is here.

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Drupal module for MicroID updated

I’ve been working with Tane Piper over the last couple days over IRC tweaking his improvements to his Drupal MicroID module (getting it Version .3 compatible). He has implemented node-level and comment-level MicroIDs that appear both in the meta tags of the page and are then rendered into the node divs and comment divs directly […]

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MicroID submitted as IETF Internet-Draft

Peter Saint-Andre has done the hard work and gotten the MicroID spec submitted to the IETF as an Internet-Draft. This is great news and hopefully will generate some additional conversation and visibility around MicroID. This draft expires Feb 8, 2008 after which it may continue down the road to RFC. Peter’s announcement on the MicroID […]

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New Verified Page at claimID

We rolled out Verified Pages today. OpenID is in the air, and providing services across domains will become very important very soon. I think we’re still about six months out from the Big Bang. August. I’m calling it. Verification underlies Identity. Identity underlies claims about a person. Aggregated claims underlie the reputations we ascribe to […]

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Internet Identity Workshop 2006b and MicroID

I’m here at the Internet Identity Workshop and have been having a number of great conversations. The quality of the discussions is high and the number of demos is remarkable. Only seven months ago when I was in Mountain View for the earlier IIW2006, there were a couple demos of near-working implementations and a lot […]

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A MediaWiki extension for MicroID

I wrote to Evan Prodromou yesterday – after staring at the MediaWiki code for about an hour trying to figure out how to write an extension. Needless to say, it was one of the most productive emails I’ve ever written since within about 8 minutes (give or take a night’s sleep), a MicroID extension was […]

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I noticed a couple days ago that one of our claimID users (and Yahoo! employee), lmorchard, had successfully claimed his page with a MicroID. This was news to me, as I couldn’t do that just a few days before… I have confirmed that user pages at are now publishing MicroIDs in their headers […]

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MicroID mod for PunBB

I just released a very small MicroID mod (download) for the bulletin board system, PunBB. The release description: This mod will display a MicroID ( ) on a user’s profile in the head tag. This mod allows a user’s profile to be ‘claimed’ by a third party that has independently verified the user’s email […]

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