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IIW, OpenLifeBits, and Facebook’s Beacon

So, two weeks on, I write up my thoughts on my trip to IIW2007B at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. As I wrote over at claimID, we had an incredible few days. There was a new energy in the air this time as interoperability was assumed and a focus on services began to […]

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BarCampRDU – Expertise Location

Another successful BarCampRDU this past Saturday. Fred did a great job organizing the organizers and making it all run smoothly. Red Hat hosted again this year and again, to rave reviews. Pictures and Posts. I was in charge of the big schedule board again. We had it up much faster this year with less tape […]

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New Verified Page at claimID

We rolled out Verified Pages today. OpenID is in the air, and providing services across domains will become very important very soon. I think we’re still about six months out from the Big Bang. August. I’m calling it. Verification underlies Identity. Identity underlies claims about a person. Aggregated claims underlie the reputations we ascribe to […]

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The germans will save Wikipedia

The german flavor of the OneTrueWiki will be getting an update soon. Nate Anderson writes at ArsTechnica: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told CNET in an interview that the Germans are coming—and they have a plan to save Wikipedia. The German-language version of Wikipedia will get an experimental overhaul in the next few weeks designed to […]

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Nathan Schock on Wikipedia and reputation management

An excellent post – I can’t seem to add anything to it. Well done Nathan. Third, you have to participate in the online conversation. If you don’t, the party will start without you and how many of the millions of people online do you think care about your reputation? That’s what I thought. Nathan Schock […]

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Your network will act quickly and it will remember

More noise for a distributed, contextual-based reputation system by Jeff Nolan… Two seemingly unconnected events caught my attention over the last week and it was only this morning that I put them together. The first is the now well covered Photo’chopped photos that Reuters carried and then retracted, and the second was the less known […]

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Reputation Online discussion at BarCampRDU

I led a discussion on Saturday at BarCampRDU on “Reputation Online”. I had 12 of my closest new friends surround me at a table in Room C and we talked for about an hour. The illustrious Paul Jones has a short set of notes about the authors/works he pulled from the back of his brain […]

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MicroID army, activate!

So, having spent some time implementing these little things called MicroIDs and ruminating through my own research on distributed cognitive authority (reputation and expertise), I’m calling out for all of you who get MicroIDs to go forth and ask your favorite web application providers to generate them for the public-facing user pages on their services. […]

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Phil Windley’s Reputation Framework

Phil Windley, computer science professor at BYU and author of the O’Reilly book “Digital Identity”, writes today about his latest paper submission “A Framework for Building Reputation Systems“. He makes a point about global identity identifiers (OpenID, LID, i-names, etc.) being capable of allowing “cross-context reputation systems to emerge”. I think he’s right on – […]

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Necessary pieces of a rating and review system

In my last post, I wrote about Liz Lawley’s short piece concerning anonymity in review sites concerning teachers and students. She also posed the question of checks and balances in these systems. The checks and balances needed in these systems are straightforward. They fall out of the required list of elements for a review system […]

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