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Your network will act quickly and it will remember

More noise for a distributed, contextual-based reputation system by Jeff Nolan

Two seemingly unconnected events caught my attention over the last week and it was only this morning that I put them together. The first is the now well covered Photo’chopped photos that Reuters carried and then retracted, and the second was the less known case of Kevin Corazza v. Kris Krug. [on Flickr]

and he concludes…

My prediction is that reputation systems of all kinds will increasingly become a focus for anything in the public view, and they will rely on techniques that capture the power of community to derive trust rather than a brand manufacturing it.

We are moving quickly towards a time and technology where distributed, calculable reputation is available. We’ll be able to query our network about a person or company and see their public reputation score, their public-facing history laid out in contextually relevant and timely, localized, helpful clarity.

We’ll be leaving trails wherever we go and with whomever we interact. Our history will play a role in our future, more so than ever before. The shadow of the future will loom larger than it ever has.

Today, our networks are divided, our personas are separate. We can, as long as we’re obscure and not famous enough to note, morph and change who we are. We can pick up and move to a different state – a different city, and become a new person – to a point. We are tied to our physicality. But this is less true today than even a few decades ago, and it will continue to become less true as we move forward.

None of this analysis is new, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious as the science fiction of just a few years ago is now very much a case of current events.

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