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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

Don’t Delete Your Humanity

I’ve often wondered about family photo albums. We store images and memories for later (for us, for others, for our children and their children). But what’s usually more interesting to me is what isn’t stored. When thinking about when the camera comes out at family events or gathering of friends, it’s usually during the happy […]

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Seadragon on the iPhone

I love Seadragon. It feels so natural. I think it’s one of the things we’ll be seeing ‘everywhere’ as soon as we get our heads around how to use it. It’s got so much potential. Consider the following four “promises” of Seadragon: Speed of navigation is independent of the size or number of objects. Performance […]

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All My Hosted Stuff with Dynamic Sharing

In the near future, we’ll all be able to host our own data. A few years ago it was very hard to do so, but possible, because nearly all the stuff being hosted was simple text with an occasional image or graphic. Then, our bandwidth increased and digital media creation tools were delivered into the […]

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The Alexandrine Dilemma

Mark Pesce gave a keynote entitled “The Alexandrine Dilemma” at the New Librarians Symposium last Friday. He spoke about how Library Science, its skills and philosophy, are necessary for everyone to embrace and understand as we move forward in our networked world. Quite inspiring, as someone who’s selected that line of work, if I do […]

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