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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

28% of Online Americans have used tagging

The Pew Internet and American Life Project has just put out a new report on the state of tagging in America. It also features a fairly prominent interview with David Weinberger. The takeaway numbers show that 28% of online Americans have used tagging before and that 7% are active taggers (tagged something ‘yesterday’). The survey […]

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The RIAA and MPAA are fronts for the Green Party

It recently occurred to me that I may have stumbled onto a very uncomfortable truth. Could it be that the RIAA/MPAA are fronts for the Green Party here in the US? As the number of pirates has decreased, the Earth has seen a steady increase in average global temperature (global warming). This was first dutifully […]

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Blogs as comic strips

Blogs are interesting things. They’ve given an inexpensive publishing voice to the masses and they’ve allowed us to watch individuals grow and learn over time. We’re able to see, through language, who someone is without ever meeting them in the ‘real world’. Not unlike books and magazines and every other publishing medium, without the heavy […]

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Simon Spero Questions LOC Authorities

Simon Spero announced yesterday on the SILS student listserv a preliminary release of some of his dataset of Library of Congress authority records. His email is copied below and sets the stage for a great deal of new work. Tagging – anyone? The happy meeting of folksonomy and authority records? Our first look into how […]

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How Plasticity of Identity doesn’t hold up

danah boyd seems to be stirring up discussion again… Teens are not dreaming of portability (like so many adults i meet). They are happy to make new accounts on new sites; they enjoy building out profiles. (Part of this could be that they have a lot more time on their hands.) The idea of taking […]

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