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The Alexandrine Dilemma

Mark Pesce gave a keynote entitled “The Alexandrine Dilemma” at the New Librarians Symposium last Friday. He spoke about how Library Science, its skills and philosophy, are necessary for everyone to embrace and understand as we move forward in our networked world. Quite inspiring, as someone who’s selected that line of work, if I do […]

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OpenLifeBits – For Your Digital Stuff

I have a proposal. I have been watching and reading about social network portability and data portability and OpenID and facebook beacon and doc searls’ vendor relationship management and Obama’s call for open formats and Google Drive and Jon Udell’s hosted lifebits scenarios (another post just today). And Chris Messina has been hanging around this […]

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Timelined Information Retrieval

I was thinking about how I search through my email this morning and worked out that sometimes I know more about *when* an email happened than what it said or who it was from. This is a rare thing, but generalizing, I quickly worked out that this would be a great addition to any/all search […]

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Your Personal Data and whether Google knows all

Google knows a lot about each of us. If you’re doing anything online these days, you’ll be hard-pressed to do it without Google having a hand in a part of it. Recently, James Thomas decided to not use Google’s products at all for two weeks and quickly realized it made the Internet quite hard to […]

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BibDesk, BibTeX and Subversion – An academic’s necessity

When I first started this PhD program, I had a desire to keep all my references and papers in my computer. Better to search them. Better to keep them in one place. No dog-eared corners and ripped notebook paper in 3-ring binders. I wanted to minimize the stacks of paper that I knew would accumulate […]

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