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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

Timelined Information Retrieval

I was thinking about how I search through my email this morning and worked out that sometimes I know more about *when* an email happened than what it said or who it was from. This is a rare thing, but generalizing, I quickly worked out that this would be a great addition to any/all search […]

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“Always Away” for plausible deniability

I’ve noticed this myself over the past few years. As more and more of my friends come online “all the time” and/or have connections at work, they leave their chat clients open and set to “Away”. It has exactly its intended consequence. I don’t write them unless I have something I need to send them […]

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Chinese social networks require Real Names

In a post on the SIG-III blog, Aaron Bowen writes about his attempt at creating a profile on the Chinese social networking site, Zhanzuo. He was thwarted since he couldn’t type his name in characters that aren’t Chinese. More to the point, he was thwarted because he couldn’t be in compliance with the rule that […]

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