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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

MicroID mod for PunBB

I just released a very small MicroID mod (download) for the bulletin board system, PunBB. The release description: This mod will display a MicroID ( ) on a user’s profile in the head tag. This mod allows a user’s profile to be ‘claimed’ by a third party that has independently verified the user’s email […]

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Earlier, I wrote about’s statement of intent to publish MicroIDs on their user pages. Well, the month has passed, and it’s live. You will now find a MicroID (computed from the page’s URL and your registered email address) in the head area of your user profile page at And the verification works flawlessly […]

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A democracy is for opinion, not for knowledge

We’ve seen systems crop up in the last few years that tap the power of many. Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc. These systems are very powerful – they opened our eyes to the power of collective knowledge. We each know a bit, but together, we know a whole lot more. We can spots duplicates. We […]

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Facebook renews some trust, lives another day

Facebook has updated their privacy controls and now provides the ability to block a fair amount of personal activity information from being broadcast. This is exactly what they should do and what they should have provided at the time of the launch of Mini-Feed and News Feed. Both Fred and danah have weighed in and […]

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Facebook – Now with the Mini-Feed of reality

The future is logged. And we’re seeing some of the future right now. The students of the Facebook are currently working through the newfound reality of their complete Facebook activity being front-and-center to all their ‘friends’. The new mini-feed of their activity within Facebook (comments, notes, adding/removing of pictures, friends and groups) is now broadcast […]

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Earl Mardle on George Allen’s crumbling campaign

First, a word from the almighty OneTrueWiki: The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page.George Felix Allen (born March 8, 1952, in Whittier, California) is a Republican United States Senator from Virginia. He is running for re-election in 2006 and has been mentioned as a possible candidate for […]

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The post I wouldn’t write – online stalking

So, I’ve been working through this thought experiment for a few years now… 1) You post information online about yourself in various places 2) It gets aggregated by bot or human 3) Bad guy decides you’re worth screwing with 4) Bad guy finds all this information and can act on it accordingly Pretty straightforward. (We […]

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Ze Frank is manipulating our lizard brains

I’ve been reading The Media Equation, by Stanford’s Clifford Nass and Byron Reeves. A quick read and yet I’ve been struck by how quickly I changed my mind about its main thesis. The basic premise is that people treat computers like people – since we have old brains and in the past, everything that seemed […]

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