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A reading list as personal description

Eugene Eric Kim has captured my attention before. And now he’s done it again a few minutes ago: What My Reading List Says About Me I’m a hard one to nail down. I have lots of different interests, and while they’re all form an integrated whole in my head, that may not be as apparent […]

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Field Report from Collective Intelligence 2012

It was an amazing trip to MIT this week. I spent a beautiful three sunny days in Cambridge visiting friends and attending the Collective Intelligence 2012 conference. I was there to present my dissertation work (a little depressingly compressed into an 8-page paper and poster) to some of the smartest people I have ever met. […]

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Pesce on Expertise

Mark Pesce’s in my brain again, or rather, still. From If you know something that others want to know, they will find you. In addition to everything else, we are each a unique set of knowledge, experience and capabilities which, in the right situation, proves uniquely valuable. By sharing what we know, we advertise […]

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BarCampRDU – Expertise Location

Another successful BarCampRDU this past Saturday. Fred did a great job organizing the organizers and making it all run smoothly. Red Hat hosted again this year and again, to rave reviews. Pictures and Posts. I was in charge of the big schedule board again. We had it up much faster this year with less tape […]

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A democracy is for opinion, not for knowledge

We’ve seen systems crop up in the last few years that tap the power of many. Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc. These systems are very powerful – they opened our eyes to the power of collective knowledge. We each know a bit, but together, we know a whole lot more. We can spots duplicates. We […]

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