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A reading list as personal description

Eugene Eric Kim has captured my attention before. And now he’s done it again a few minutes ago: What My Reading List Says About Me I’m a hard one to nail down. I have lots of different interests, and while they’re all form an integrated whole in my head, that may not be as apparent […]

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We Live In Public opening in NYC

A remarkable film about identity and the loss of ourselves in technology and media. Please make sure to watch this movie when you get a chance. It’s opening theatrically in NYC this Friday for the first time. I saw the film at Social Web FooCamp in April, met and spoke with Ondi and Josh, and […]

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Pseudonymy is Hard Work

I keep meaning to write down when these things happen… The march towards consolidation seems so obvious to me, and yet people are still confused when I suggest they can keep things separate. Deep Throat A few years ago now, in 2005, the world finally learned the identity of Deep Throat. He had remained pseudonymous […]

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Multijurisdictional Task Force

The news today in Missouri reminds me again that identity issues online are really just the same things we’ve always dealt with in person. A fake-officer convinced a small town for 5 months that he was a federal agent. How does this happen? A sustained message of fear for years and the repeated mantra of […]

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New Verified Page at claimID

We rolled out Verified Pages today. OpenID is in the air, and providing services across domains will become very important very soon. I think we’re still about six months out from the Big Bang. August. I’m calling it. Verification underlies Identity. Identity underlies claims about a person. Aggregated claims underlie the reputations we ascribe to […]

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ClaimID, the easy to use OpenID identity provider

So Fred and I have been scheming. The recent push behind OpenID and its impending uptake by a great many people has led us to the decision to rebrand claimID just a bit. We retooled the documentation, made it more apparent to the new user the benefits of having and using an OpenID and generally […]

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It’s hard to watch our published surface area

I’ve recently started subscribing to Jon Udell’s blog. One of his recent posts relates to our own information publishing as a cell – in the sense that it has a membrane where we detect interactions with the outside world. A compelling visual no doubt – I think it’s a great way to describe to those […]

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Blogs as comic strips

Blogs are interesting things. They’ve given an inexpensive publishing voice to the masses and they’ve allowed us to watch individuals grow and learn over time. We’re able to see, through language, who someone is without ever meeting them in the ‘real world’. Not unlike books and magazines and every other publishing medium, without the heavy […]

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How Plasticity of Identity doesn’t hold up

danah boyd seems to be stirring up discussion again… Teens are not dreaming of portability (like so many adults i meet). They are happy to make new accounts on new sites; they enjoy building out profiles. (Part of this could be that they have a lot more time on their hands.) The idea of taking […]

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Sex Offenders and the Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms

An article over at Ars Technica pointed me to John McCain’s Dec 6 bill requiring sex offenders to register their online identifiers at the federal level: A copy of the bill’s text obtained by shows that McCain wants to require every “Internet social networking site, chat room, message board, or any other similar service […]

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