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Wikipedia is good enough, good grief

Larry Sanger is beginning to sound more and more desperate. The growing, but largely irrelevant Citizendium project is still too top-heavy with administrative overhead and will continue to be an also-ran to any discussion around human stores of knowledge. However, this is not stopping the continued declaration of quality-over-quantity. Some people might be a little […]

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Citizendium – A study in momentum killing

Network effects are very powerful. They are also very hard to come by, by definition, as most of the time you’re not the one enjoying them. Network effects are blessed upon those who are popular, have a lot of attention being paid to them, and/or are active participants in their own success. They feed themselves […]

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A democracy is for opinion, not for knowledge

We’ve seen systems crop up in the last few years that tap the power of many. Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc. These systems are very powerful – they opened our eyes to the power of collective knowledge. We each know a bit, but together, we know a whole lot more. We can spots duplicates. We […]

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