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Promises and Privacy of Self-Disclosure in Online Communities

I just read the most plausible of law review papers suggesting the potential for protection of a private space within social network sites (SNS). Fellow UNC grad student Woodrow Hartzog proposes the use of Promissory Estoppel as a means to protect self-disclosure in online communities. It would create a type of contract or agreement between […]

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All My Hosted Stuff with Dynamic Sharing

In the near future, we’ll all be able to host our own data. A few years ago it was very hard to do so, but possible, because nearly all the stuff being hosted was simple text with an occasional image or graphic. Then, our bandwidth increased and digital media creation tools were delivered into the […]

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On the MySpace private photos torrent

So, here is a scenario playing out live… – Lots of people post things to social network sites. – Some of these things are private (friends/family type of private). – The users understand and follow the rules, and protect themselves. – There is a bug in the system. – Their private stuff is now available […]

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IIW, OpenLifeBits, and Facebook’s Beacon

So, two weeks on, I write up my thoughts on my trip to IIW2007B at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. As I wrote over at claimID, we had an incredible few days. There was a new energy in the air this time as interoperability was assumed and a focus on services began to […]

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Facebook renews some trust, lives another day

Facebook has updated their privacy controls and now provides the ability to block a fair amount of personal activity information from being broadcast. This is exactly what they should do and what they should have provided at the time of the launch of Mini-Feed and News Feed. Both Fred and danah have weighed in and […]

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Consolidation, paranoia, and IM-creeps oh my!

First, our friend the search engine… Search data recently released from AOL allows anyone with some intrepid follow-up skills and some social engineering to quickly narrow in on unique individuals – individuals who never considered their independent searches were being aggregated by their ISP. A recent flurry of activity designed to protect us from the […]

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Will Harris on the end of privacy and Web 2.0

Will Harris recently wrote about his views on the end of privacy. He blames the Web 2.0 phenomenon and all the data users are willingly posting and publishing on the network. Well, mostly he blames big business. My firm belief is that the net effect of the Web 2.0 movement will be a marked loss […]

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