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My social graph is mine

Mark Pesce has done it again. He went ahead and wrote (spoke, actually, at LCA2011) what was in my head, better than I had (not) written it. He talks about how we’re social creatures, how we mimic innately (mimesis), and how to truly fight the man, we’ve got to own our information, our networks, and […]

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Fake friends on MySpace, FaceBook and Friendster is now selling ‘hot friends’ at $.99/mo. for MySpace, FaceBook, and Friendster. I’m noticing that these things are moving to the next level. We are seeing the next stage of social manipulation. These are attempts to grab attention where the mechanisms for detecting such grabs are still under-developed. An arms race. Only this time […]

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Facebook renews some trust, lives another day

Facebook has updated their privacy controls and now provides the ability to block a fair amount of personal activity information from being broadcast. This is exactly what they should do and what they should have provided at the time of the launch of Mini-Feed and News Feed. Both Fred and danah have weighed in and […]

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Facebook – Now with the Mini-Feed of reality

The future is logged. And we’re seeing some of the future right now. The students of the Facebook are currently working through the newfound reality of their complete Facebook activity being front-and-center to all their ‘friends’. The new mini-feed of their activity within Facebook (comments, notes, adding/removing of pictures, friends and groups) is now broadcast […]

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