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My social graph is mine

Mark Pesce has done it again. He went ahead and wrote (spoke, actually, at LCA2011) what was in my head, better than I had (not) written it. He talks about how we’re social creatures, how we mimic innately (mimesis), and how to truly fight the man, we’ve got to own our information, our networks, and our dignity.

From Smoke Signals:

Your social graph is the most important thing you have that can be represented in bits. With it, I can manipulate you. I can change your tastes, your attitudes, even your politics. We now know this is possible – and probably even easy. But to do this, I need your social graph. I need you to surrender it to me before I can use it to fuck you over.

His four design principles to make sure we own the future:

1. Distribute Everything
2. Transport Independence
3. Secure Everything
4. Open Everything

It seems so straightforward.

So why, again, have we capitulated to Facebook?

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