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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

Reputation Online discussion at BarCampRDU

I led a discussion on Saturday at BarCampRDU on “Reputation Online”. I had 12 of my closest new friends surround me at a table in Room C and we talked for about an hour. The illustrious Paul Jones has a short set of notes about the authors/works he pulled from the back of his brain […]

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OpenID bounty announced at OSCON

After a week or so of hushed discussion, I’m pleased to announce claimID’s involvement in the bounty process for OpenID development… This is our official announcement on the claimID blog: ClaimID proudly announces it has joined a consortium of ten forward-thinking companies to fund the development and adoption of OpenID. ClaimID utilizes OpenID, a standards-based […]

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BarCampRDU succeeds

BarCampRDU was this past Friday and Saturday at the Red Hat Headquarters on NC State’s Centennial Campus in Raleigh, NC. 175 registrants, lots of food, open wireless, and a giant piece of paper on the wall made the event a success. Having been one of the organizers for this event, I was most struck with […]

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Wikipedia adds RSS to every entry

via Chris Anderson at The Long Tail via Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion: Wikipedia has added RSS feeds to the 1.25 million entries in the encyclopedia. This means you can now more easily track the revision history for important articles, such as those about people, brands or corporations. Simply click on the history link at […]

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MicroID army, activate!

So, having spent some time implementing these little things called MicroIDs and ruminating through my own research on distributed cognitive authority (reputation and expertise), I’m calling out for all of you who get MicroIDs to go forth and ask your favorite web application providers to generate them for the public-facing user pages on their services. […]

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Phil Windley’s Reputation Framework

Phil Windley, computer science professor at BYU and author of the O’Reilly book “Digital Identity”, writes today about his latest paper submission “A Framework for Building Reputation Systems“. He makes a point about global identity identifiers (OpenID, LID, i-names, etc.) being capable of allowing “cross-context reputation systems to emerge”. I think he’s right on – […]

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Will Harris on the end of privacy and Web 2.0

Will Harris recently wrote about his views on the end of privacy. He blames the Web 2.0 phenomenon and all the data users are willingly posting and publishing on the network. Well, mostly he blames big business. My firm belief is that the net effect of the Web 2.0 movement will be a marked loss […]

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Necessary pieces of a rating and review system

In my last post, I wrote about Liz Lawley’s short piece concerning anonymity in review sites concerning teachers and students. She also posed the question of checks and balances in these systems. The checks and balances needed in these systems are straightforward. They fall out of the required list of elements for a review system […]

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Liz Lawley on professor rating systems

Liz Lawley has pushed a short discussion on her blog about online professor rating systems and whether these would be a good idea if reversed (teacher on student). She finds them skewed to the extremes and potentially very damaging when anonymous ratings/comments are allowed. I agree. I think that when reputation and identity are involved […]

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