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{ Monthly Archives } December 2006

Sex Offenders and the Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms

An article over at Ars Technica pointed me to John McCain’s Dec 6 bill requiring sex offenders to register their online identifiers at the federal level: A copy of the bill’s text obtained by shows that McCain wants to require every “Internet social networking site, chat room, message board, or any other similar service […]

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Statistics and Reputation Risk Management

Personal Risk Assessment and Management was another thread of the Reputation discussion last week at the IIW2006 that also appeared at the UNC Social Software Symposium. A sense that every decision we make balances on a complex dance of calculations in a complex personal formula: risk associations with the actions we’re about to take, benefit […]

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Fake friends on MySpace, FaceBook and Friendster is now selling ‘hot friends’ at $.99/mo. for MySpace, FaceBook, and Friendster. I’m noticing that these things are moving to the next level. We are seeing the next stage of social manipulation. These are attempts to grab attention where the mechanisms for detecting such grabs are still under-developed. An arms race. Only this time […]

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Internet Identity Workshop 2006b and MicroID

I’m here at the Internet Identity Workshop and have been having a number of great conversations. The quality of the discussions is high and the number of demos is remarkable. Only seven months ago when I was in Mountain View for the earlier IIW2006, there were a couple demos of near-working implementations and a lot […]

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