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On the MySpace private photos torrent

So, here is a scenario playing out live… – Lots of people post things to social network sites. – Some of these things are private (friends/family type of private). – The users understand and follow the rules, and protect themselves. – There is a bug in the system. – Their private stuff is now available […]

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Fake friends on MySpace, FaceBook and Friendster is now selling ‘hot friends’ at $.99/mo. for MySpace, FaceBook, and Friendster. I’m noticing that these things are moving to the next level. We are seeing the next stage of social manipulation. These are attempts to grab attention where the mechanisms for detecting such grabs are still under-developed. An arms race. Only this time […]

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MySpace is okay, but don’t post it at the mall

David Weinberger relates a story from his recent New Hampshire visit to speak at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference: One teacher said that a parent printed out his daughter’s MySpace page and told her he was going to post it at the mall. When the daughter objected, mortified, the parent explained that MySpace is as […]

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AOL blinks and an Iraqi child confirms he’s Rupert

Online identity is something we’re all beginning to face. We exist in a time when the majority of our digital footprints are being copied somewhere else. One AOL searcher so far, Thelma Arnold of Georgia, 62, has been identified by the NYTimes to be unique user 4417749. This is a disturbing first shot across the […]

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