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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

A MediaWiki extension for MicroID

I wrote to Evan Prodromou yesterday – after staring at the MediaWiki code for about an hour trying to figure out how to write an extension. Needless to say, it was one of the most productive emails I’ve ever written since within about 8 minutes (give or take a night’s sleep), a MicroID extension was […]

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Technorati announces OpenID support

A roundup of links pointing to Ian Kallen‘s announcement last night of Technorati’s new, shiny OpenID support: Marshall Kirkpatrick at Techcrunch Johannes Ernst Scott Kveton Christian Stocker This is a mid-major player now supporting another open standard. Only good things can come of this kind of implementation. And it will continue to gain in value […]

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I noticed a couple days ago that one of our claimID users (and Yahoo! employee), lmorchard, had successfully claimed his page with a MicroID. This was news to me, as I couldn’t do that just a few days before… I have confirmed that user pages at are now publishing MicroIDs in their headers […]

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Citizendium – A study in momentum killing

Network effects are very powerful. They are also very hard to come by, by definition, as most of the time you’re not the one enjoying them. Network effects are blessed upon those who are popular, have a lot of attention being paid to them, and/or are active participants in their own success. They feed themselves […]

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