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Pesce on Expertise

Mark Pesce’s in my brain again, or rather, still. From If you know something that others want to know, they will find you. In addition to everything else, we are each a unique set of knowledge, experience and capabilities which, in the right situation, proves uniquely valuable. By sharing what we know, we advertise […]

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My social graph is mine

Mark Pesce has done it again. He went ahead and wrote (spoke, actually, at LCA2011) what was in my head, better than I had (not) written it. He talks about how we’re social creatures, how we mimic innately (mimesis), and how to truly fight the man, we’ve got to own our information, our networks, and […]

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The Alexandrine Dilemma

Mark Pesce gave a keynote entitled “The Alexandrine Dilemma” at the New Librarians Symposium last Friday. He spoke about how Library Science, its skills and philosophy, are necessary for everyone to embrace and understand as we move forward in our networked world. Quite inspiring, as someone who’s selected that line of work, if I do […]

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