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claimID all over again

So, it seems we were onto something with claimID. Just not quite at the scale we needed back in 2005. Today, Google launched “Me on the Web” as part of their Google Dashboard. However, your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether […]

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Yes, Google owns you

Well, we haven’t seen this before quite so dramatically… But, honestly, is anyone really surprised? Nick Saber isn’t happy now. Monday afternoon, after lunch, Nick came back from lunch to find out that he couldn’t get into his Gmail account. Further, he couldn’t get into anything that Google made (beside search) where his account credentials […]

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Googlonymous not so Anonymous

I was pointed yesterday to a new site (registered July 15, 2007) I’d not seen before named Googlonymous. There are three items on the main page – a search box, a paragraph of foreboding text, and an embedded flash video. I’ve included a screen shot and the text below. When you make a search on […]

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Your Personal Data and whether Google knows all

Google knows a lot about each of us. If you’re doing anything online these days, you’ll be hard-pressed to do it without Google having a hand in a part of it. Recently, James Thomas decided to not use Google’s products at all for two weeks and quickly realized it made the Internet quite hard to […]

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Consolidation, paranoia, and IM-creeps oh my!

First, our friend the search engine… Search data recently released from AOL allows anyone with some intrepid follow-up skills and some social engineering to quickly narrow in on unique individuals – individuals who never considered their independent searches were being aggregated by their ISP. A recent flurry of activity designed to protect us from the […]

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