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MySpace is okay, but don’t post it at the mall

David Weinberger relates a story from his recent New Hampshire visit to speak at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference: One teacher said that a parent printed out his daughter’s MySpace page and told her he was going to post it at the mall. When the daughter objected, mortified, the parent explained that MySpace is as […]

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Facebook – Now with the Mini-Feed of reality

The future is logged. And we’re seeing some of the future right now. The students of the Facebook are currently working through the newfound reality of their complete Facebook activity being front-and-center to all their ‘friends’. The new mini-feed of their activity within Facebook (comments, notes, adding/removing of pictures, friends and groups) is now broadcast […]

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Earl Mardle on George Allen’s crumbling campaign

First, a word from the almighty OneTrueWiki: The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page.George Felix Allen (born March 8, 1952, in Whittier, California) is a Republican United States Senator from Virginia. He is running for re-election in 2006 and has been mentioned as a possible candidate for […]

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The post I wouldn’t write – online stalking

So, I’ve been working through this thought experiment for a few years now… 1) You post information online about yourself in various places 2) It gets aggregated by bot or human 3) Bad guy decides you’re worth screwing with 4) Bad guy finds all this information and can act on it accordingly Pretty straightforward. (We […]

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AOL blinks and an Iraqi child confirms he’s Rupert

Online identity is something we’re all beginning to face. We exist in a time when the majority of our digital footprints are being copied somewhere else. One AOL searcher so far, Thelma Arnold of Georgia, 62, has been identified by the NYTimes to be unique user 4417749. This is a disturbing first shot across the […]

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Reputation Online discussion at BarCampRDU

I led a discussion on Saturday at BarCampRDU on “Reputation Online”. I had 12 of my closest new friends surround me at a table in Room C and we talked for about an hour. The illustrious Paul Jones has a short set of notes about the authors/works he pulled from the back of his brain […]

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MicroID army, activate!

So, having spent some time implementing these little things called MicroIDs and ruminating through my own research on distributed cognitive authority (reputation and expertise), I’m calling out for all of you who get MicroIDs to go forth and ask your favorite web application providers to generate them for the public-facing user pages on their services. […]

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Phil Windley’s Reputation Framework

Phil Windley, computer science professor at BYU and author of the O’Reilly book “Digital Identity”, writes today about his latest paper submission “A Framework for Building Reputation Systems“. He makes a point about global identity identifiers (OpenID, LID, i-names, etc.) being capable of allowing “cross-context reputation systems to emerge”. I think he’s right on – […]

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Will Harris on the end of privacy and Web 2.0

Will Harris recently wrote about his views on the end of privacy. He blames the Web 2.0 phenomenon and all the data users are willingly posting and publishing on the network. Well, mostly he blames big business. My firm belief is that the net effect of the Web 2.0 movement will be a marked loss […]

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OpenID enabled claimID – almost here

I’ve been hard at work the last couple weeks getting claimID ready for her transition to being both an OpenID server and consumer. We will be able to add a layer of user-centered verification and aggregation above and beyond our recent announcement of link verification. We have some copy to write and some polish to […]

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