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{ Tag Archives } MicroID now publishing MicroIDs

Earlier, I wrote about’s statement of intent to publish MicroIDs on their user pages. Well, the month has passed, and it’s live. You will now find a MicroID (computed from the page’s URL and your registered email address) in the head area of your user profile page at And the verification works flawlessly […]

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MicroID coming to

Earlier this summer I put the call out to the MicroID army… Today, a victory in the making – Russ on the forum writes: I’ve added this to our development branch – it’ll be live in a month. Russ This is a big one – let’s keep knocking on doors and see who answers.

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AOL blinks and an Iraqi child confirms he’s Rupert

Online identity is something we’re all beginning to face. We exist in a time when the majority of our digital footprints are being copied somewhere else. One AOL searcher so far, Thelma Arnold of Georgia, 62, has been identified by the NYTimes to be unique user 4417749. This is a disturbing first shot across the […]

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MicroID army, activate!

So, having spent some time implementing these little things called MicroIDs and ruminating through my own research on distributed cognitive authority (reputation and expertise), I’m calling out for all of you who get MicroIDs to go forth and ask your favorite web application providers to generate them for the public-facing user pages on their services. […]

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