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ClaimID, the easy to use OpenID identity provider

So Fred and I have been scheming. The recent push behind OpenID and its impending uptake by a great many people has led us to the decision to rebrand claimID just a bit. We retooled the documentation, made it more apparent to the new user the benefits of having and using an OpenID and generally […]

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Internet Identity Workshop 2006b and MicroID

I’m here at the Internet Identity Workshop and have been having a number of great conversations. The quality of the discussions is high and the number of demos is remarkable. Only seven months ago when I was in Mountain View for the earlier IIW2006, there were a couple demos of near-working implementations and a lot […]

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Is this what mainstream feels like?

So, while watching server logs and signups like it’s going out of style, I realized that this crazy idea might actually be catching on… Thanks, Cristian Lupsa, Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor! Do you need a Web publicist? Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006 – Christian Science Monitor Thursday, Nov 30, 2006 – USAToday

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OpenID activity in the TextDrive forums

I’ve recently been answering questions in the TextDrive forums about OpenID. There is a genuine growing interest in this burgeoning technology and a sense of excitement when people figure out what it can do and why it’s a good thing. OpenID works for you in a couple different ways: 1) You can use your OpenID […]

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A MediaWiki extension for MicroID

I wrote to Evan Prodromou yesterday – after staring at the MediaWiki code for about an hour trying to figure out how to write an extension. Needless to say, it was one of the most productive emails I’ve ever written since within about 8 minutes (give or take a night’s sleep), a MicroID extension was […]

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I noticed a couple days ago that one of our claimID users (and Yahoo! employee), lmorchard, had successfully claimed his page with a MicroID. This was news to me, as I couldn’t do that just a few days before… I have confirmed that user pages at are now publishing MicroIDs in their headers […]

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Earlier, I wrote about’s statement of intent to publish MicroIDs on their user pages. Well, the month has passed, and it’s live. You will now find a MicroID (computed from the page’s URL and your registered email address) in the head area of your user profile page at And the verification works flawlessly […]

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AOL blinks and an Iraqi child confirms he’s Rupert

Online identity is something we’re all beginning to face. We exist in a time when the majority of our digital footprints are being copied somewhere else. One AOL searcher so far, Thelma Arnold of Georgia, 62, has been identified by the NYTimes to be unique user 4417749. This is a disturbing first shot across the […]

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OpenID bounty announced at OSCON

After a week or so of hushed discussion, I’m pleased to announce claimID’s involvement in the bounty process for OpenID development… This is our official announcement on the claimID blog: ClaimID proudly announces it has joined a consortium of ten forward-thinking companies to fund the development and adoption of OpenID. ClaimID utilizes OpenID, a standards-based […]

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Out of private beta – claimID hits its early stride

ClaimID has been my muse the past few weeks again, due to my overhauling of the account system to make all our accounts OpenIDs. This makes available to our users the ability to verify themselves at any OpenID-enabled site on the internet. It also allows claimID to act as the first aggregator of these public […]

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