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Out of private beta – claimID hits its early stride

ClaimID has been my muse the past few weeks again, due to my overhauling of the account system to make all our accounts OpenIDs. This makes available to our users the ability to verify themselves at any OpenID-enabled site on the internet. It also allows claimID to act as the first aggregator of these public identity URLs and gives the user some control over how their links and other tracks they leave on the web are discovered by others.

We now have a system whereby a user can log into their claimID account with any of the verified OpenIDs they’ve added to their account previously. This is a mere convenience on the surface, but becomes quite a draw for getting our point across about how powerful OpenID is and will be as it becomes accepted at more and more sites. We think the real power behind OpenID and the rest of the Identity 2.0 vision is both its user-centric distributed nature and the ongoing education of users themselves. Both are key and both are at the heart of our mission at claimID.

If you haven’t signed up yet – please try it. You can create an account with any of your existing OpenIDs, if you already have them (LiveJournal, TypeKey, Verisign PIP, MyOpenID, LID, etc.). If not, just sign up the ‘regular’ way (with a password, ick), and you’ll be on your way.

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