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OpenID activity in the TextDrive forums

I’ve recently been answering questions in the TextDrive forums about OpenID. There is a genuine growing interest in this burgeoning technology and a sense of excitement when people figure out what it can do and why it’s a good thing.

OpenID works for you in a couple different ways:

1) You can use your OpenID to sign into any system that supports them – and without a password for each site (you’re actually only logging into your own OpenID and then your openid host and the new site are exchanging tokens).

2) You can delegate from any site you own to an OpenID account of your choice. This is important because you can then log into your new favorite cool site with your own domain name.

(e.g. I can log into or or or with which is delegated at the moment to my account at which is run by the guys at who are writing and releasing all the open source libraries for OpenID).

You can sign up for an OpenID at any of these providers.

More info at the OneTrueWiki.

While building, I’ve become intimately aware of how big this will be in the next few years (months) once some bigger players get on board. There is talk of the Identity Big Bang coming soon.

Separately, Fred put together a similar list of OpenID Resources at the claimID blog. Great minds and all that.

In addition, Jason set up an OpenID server at Joyent proper. A little bare at the moment, but it should be skinned and looking like the rest of Joyent pretty soon. It’s currently running the same base code as Verisign’s PIP server, so if you’re interested, you can download it here.

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