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So this is fun. Today, I realized I could probably get back online and functional (it’s been offline since March due to a lack of data to parse and graph). It turns out, it was only a few lines of code to tweak and upload.

And it works – Meta Cloudy

The full post is here:

In preparing slides for my talk earlier today (770kb pdf), I was grabbing some screenshots from and rummaging through some of my old graphs from before we went offline in March.

In clicking around at, I realized that the /url history pages are making available (again) the full post history of the users who have bookmarked that URL.

Before the shutdown in March, the /url history pages were displaying full historical posting data, providing the three entities that make up folksonomy (person, item, tags) as well as the date on which the tagging occurred. would grab that data, parse it, and then display a graph allowing the visitor to see how the’s opinion of that page had changed over time.

Today, I realized that the full folksonomy data was again available (person, item, tags) but the date data is now compressed into postings by month. And that’s okay – it’s actually less points to graph, so the graphs should generate a little more quickly now. Additionally, I’ve set the cache to 15 days instead of 1 day as daily updates wouldn’t look that different on these new graphs anyways.

So, Behold, we’re back! Everybody say “Welcome back, Cloudy”!

Oh, and I’ve updated the greasemonkey script (v3) as well.

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