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Peter Saint-Andre of XMPP on presence as real-time identity

I was pointed to an interview today from the Identity Gang listserv. Peter Saint-Andre was pre-interviewed before his appearance at the upcoming eComm 2008 in March.

A wonderful discussion – technical but listenable. Full interview is 50 minutes.

Peter spoke about how we are moving offline aspects of oneself online and moving online aspects of oneself offline as well as how the Internet has given us the ability to share personal states (such as “mood”) outside of our small home circle.

I liked this assessment:

If I had to conclude my impression of the chat, I’d say that we are heading into an era of super connectedness between people, people and machines, and across the offline and online worlds. Evolved presence and lifestreams will be very much the plumbing to build that highly-wooven fabric.

Yes, we’ll be merging and projecting. And there will be lots of consternation about how to deal with all of it. Good thing we’ve got Peter and quite a few of the rest of the Identity Gang to help us all get there a little smoother.

And Happy New Year – we’re in the future, again!

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