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WordCamp SF 2008 – DiSo and more

Will Norris spoke Saturday morning at WordCamp in SF (9:30am Sat slot is tough). He received a couple interesting questions regarding OAuth and current practices, but for the most part, it felt like this conversation is maturing quite a bit in the last few months. People see the possibilities now without having the 10-15 intro slides demonstrating the ‘vision’.

Discussion around ‘hubpress’, BuddyPress, and DiSo have started to show some commonalities. There is a growing awareness of the need for self-hosted data – the individual should own and control their own stuff. I’m working on laying out my ideas for these cases and why the ability to proxy my own data should be baked into these systems by default.

Later in the day, I heard Matt Mullenweg discuss the ‘State of the Word’ (the wp-openid plugin is 145th most installed) and how updating WordPress will soon be an ‘internal’ process where WordPress can update itself. This is a big deal and something that Apple and others have understood for a while. But it’s hard to do well. I expect we’ll see far fewer successful exploits in the wild as soon as updating is simple and included (if not also optionally automatic).

I worked with Will to fix a bug in the wp-diso-actionstream plugin and then went to the evening party with Tron and Hackers projected on the wall. I guess just going to a conference about a piece of blogging software wasn’t nerdy enough…

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