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Ambushed by Eugene Eric Kim

So here’s something I’m not quite used to (yet?). Eugene Eric Kim has written a wonderful post on the Blue Oxen Associates blog about his use of my ideas around Contextual Authority Tagging in his work with organizations regarding reproductive health. Terrell’s premise is that reputation in context can be extremely valuable, often more valuable […]

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Social Web FooCamp and IIW8

I’ve been in the library a lot in the last few weeks, but just managed to remember booking some flights for upcoming fun stuff on the west coast. Social Web FooCamp In only a couple weeks (gah, how’d that happen…) I’ll head back to the Social Web FooCamp. This is a great honor to be […]

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Later Button poster at iConference 2009

Two weeks ago the 2009 iConference was held at the Friday Center here in Chapel Hill, NC. There were lots of great posters and papers and hallway discussions. Jacob and I presented our poster and have since posted it online over at dlist. We ran a Mechanical Turk study with over 2000 responses to help […]

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MPACT Family Trees at ALISE 2009

I spent the past week in Denver, CO at the ALISE annual conference. There were many nervous PhD students interviewing for faculty positions – but I was not one of them – still have a ways to go. On Thursday, I presented the third paper to come out of the MPACT project, where we propose […]

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Don’t Delete Your Humanity

I’ve often wondered about family photo albums. We store images and memories for later (for us, for others, for our children and their children). But what’s usually more interesting to me is what isn’t stored. When thinking about when the camera comes out at family events or gathering of friends, it’s usually during the happy […]

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Seadragon on the iPhone

I love Seadragon. It feels so natural. I think it’s one of the things we’ll be seeing ‘everywhere’ as soon as we get our heads around how to use it. It’s got so much potential. Consider the following four “promises” of Seadragon: Speed of navigation is independent of the size or number of objects. Performance […]

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All My Hosted Stuff with Dynamic Sharing

In the near future, we’ll all be able to host our own data. A few years ago it was very hard to do so, but possible, because nearly all the stuff being hosted was simple text with an occasional image or graphic. Then, our bandwidth increased and digital media creation tools were delivered into the […]

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The Alexandrine Dilemma

Mark Pesce gave a keynote entitled “The Alexandrine Dilemma” at the New Librarians Symposium last Friday. He spoke about how Library Science, its skills and philosophy, are necessary for everyone to embrace and understand as we move forward in our networked world. Quite inspiring, as someone who’s selected that line of work, if I do […]

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Oh, and I got married

After many months of planning and lots of food and bills and people later – I’m married! Whitebox Weddings Blog – click to see a ton of incredible images Our wedding turned out as well as we’d dreamed and we’ve been pleased that others seem to think it was pretty good too. Save The Dates […]


Doubting what we see as truth

Our eyes have always been the thing we trusted the most. We have used them to define and measure the world around us. We believe things with our own eyes. We have to see it to believe it. That’s been changing for a while, and we’re in for more changes very soon. Audio as Truth […]

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