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WikiDashboard now performs with live data

Ed Chi has posted again to the PARC ASC Blog about WikiDashboard. This time, he’s announced the new version of WikiDashboard that pulls live data from Wikipedia using the Wikipedia Toolserver. Instead of a local copy of the dataset from Wikipedia (that is instantly out of date), this version queries the Wikipedia database itself. This […]

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Summer of ’08 – Part III

I’ve been home from California for nearly a month now. On the way back, I visited the aliens in Roswell, rode a bike in Kansas with a friend traveling the other way, jumped in front of many monuments, and had the dirt of a rainless summer washed from the car as I approached the Appalachian […]

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WordCamp SF 2008 – DiSo and more

Will Norris spoke Saturday morning at WordCamp in SF (9:30am Sat slot is tough). He received a couple interesting questions regarding OAuth and current practices, but for the most part, it felt like this conversation is maturing quite a bit in the last few months. People see the possibilities now without having the 10-15 intro […]

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Yes, Google owns you

Well, we haven’t seen this before quite so dramatically… But, honestly, is anyone really surprised? Nick Saber isn’t happy now. Monday afternoon, after lunch, Nick came back from lunch to find out that he couldn’t get into his Gmail account. Further, he couldn’t get into anything that Google made (beside search) where his account credentials […]

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Phelps, Zidane, and The Federer

This week, things seem to be getting read in pairs. Today, our sports icons and their demeanor, their control, and their psychology. Phelps A great Mark Levine article in the NYTimes about Michael Phelps. I’ve read bio pieces on Phelps before, but as a run-up to the Olympics, this is the best I’ve seen this […]

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A Ze Frank Interview and Michael Wesch’s YouTube Anthropology

In the last two days, I’ve seen two videos that unexpectedly went together very well. The First Yesterday, I watched Ze Frank on The Sound of Young America hosted by Jesse Thorn. The 30 minute interview ranged from silly to philosophical and impressed me. With these two people near the prime of what they do […]

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Summer of ’08 – Part II

So, a couple of my recent excursions up into the great city of San Francisco have involved rather nerdy things. Tahoe Hackfest A couple weeks ago I attended the Hackfest (5th in a series, as I understand it). Zooko and Brian Warner hosted a few people at the offices and fed them pizza […]

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Multijurisdictional Task Force

The news today in Missouri reminds me again that identity issues online are really just the same things we’ve always dealt with in person. A fake-officer convinced a small town for 5 months that he was a federal agent. How does this happen? A sustained message of fear for years and the repeated mantra of […]

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Summer of ’08 – Part I

It’s almost June. Wow. The last month and a half have really been a blur. Let’s see if we can work out why… PARC I met Ed Chi at ASIST last October when he hijacked a panel with his very interesting work on WikiDashboard. I had seen the work already and knew enough about it […]

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Reflections on iConference08 at UCLA

Over a month ago (how did that happen already?), I attended the iConference at UCLA and had a great time. I spent three nights and four days in a blur of activity and ideas. Over my time in Los Angeles, I visited Kinko’s twice, generated three presentations, gave three presentations, and had fancy finger-foods at […]

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