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MicroIDs now at WeeWar and MyBlogLog

Two more feathers in the MicroID cap today… Both Fred and the MicroID blog have the news: MyBlogLog has just started publishing MicroIDs (and FOAF) for member pages at And… WeeWar has also started publishing MicroIDs and some XFN. You can see Alexander Kohlhofer’s profile at

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MPACT at CNI – Identity in Scholarly Discourse

A week and a half ago, I was invited to speak at the CNI Workshop (Coalition for Networked Information) in Washington, DC entitled Authors, Identity Management and the Scholarly Communication System. I was there to present our work on the MPACT project at UNC-Chapel Hill and how it relates to the sticky world of name […]

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Information Starved in SF

All of my adult life, I’ve been information-rich. I am fairly social and keep in touch with friends over time. I know my way around a computer. I understand how the internet works. I have been able to help many people find what they were looking for and I’m usually well prepared (information-wise) when entering […]

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Travel/Conferences this winter and spring

In case either of you reading this want to catch me while I’m in your neighborhood… Social Graph Foo Camp Feb 1-3, 2008 – O’Reilly Campus, Sebastopol, CA Attending for myself and for claimID – this will be my first Foo Camp. I’m excited to meet some of the names I’ve been reading/watching for some […]

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MicroID gains another foothold or three

This week (and a little of last month) – MicroID has made some major progress. MyOpenID First, I see that MyOpenID has implemented MicroID. Excellent implementation. They allow you a lot of control over how your information should be shared – and with your confirmed email addresses, they publish MicroID for others to be able […]

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On the MySpace private photos torrent

So, here is a scenario playing out live… – Lots of people post things to social network sites. – Some of these things are private (friends/family type of private). – The users understand and follow the rules, and protect themselves. – There is a bug in the system. – Their private stuff is now available […]

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User Merge plugin for PunBB

To close out a week of very geeky Rails and PHP posts… I released an administrator plugin for PunBB earlier this week and Rickard has posted it on the PunBB Downloads page (about 3/4ths of the way down). User Merge. Created by Terrell Russell. The User Merge plugin allows administrators to merge two user accounts. […]

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Flickr Commons adds tags to Library of Congress images

Just announced this morning – a fantastic partnership between Flickr and the Library of Congress. Flickr Commons The Library of Congress Pilot Project The Library of Congress has a Prints and Photographs Online Catalog comprised of over 1 million images (and growing) that have been available online for over 10 years. Back in June of […]

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Generating a Rails and PunBB (and DokuWiki) shared cookie

This is another post for how I got something to work in the past week that’s been bugging me for a while. I recently wrote about how to get PHP to render correctly within a Rails app. This post is about getting single-sign-on to work with a PunBB forum inside your Ruby on Rails application. […]

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Running PHP within Rails

So this has been something I’ve been putting off because it wasn’t readily apparent how to make it happen when I first tried over a year and a half ago. I wanted to manage a group of users and passwords for a community with an existing Ruby on Rails application – and then have both […]

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