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The germans will save Wikipedia

The german flavor of the OneTrueWiki will be getting an update soon. Nate Anderson writes at ArsTechnica: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told CNET in an interview that the Germans are coming—and they have a plan to save Wikipedia. The German-language version of Wikipedia will get an experimental overhaul in the next few weeks designed to […]

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Nathan Schock on Wikipedia and reputation management

An excellent post – I can’t seem to add anything to it. Well done Nathan. Third, you have to participate in the online conversation. If you don’t, the party will start without you and how many of the millions of people online do you think care about your reputation? That’s what I thought. Nathan Schock […]

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Your network will act quickly and it will remember

More noise for a distributed, contextual-based reputation system by Jeff Nolan… Two seemingly unconnected events caught my attention over the last week and it was only this morning that I put them together. The first is the now well covered Photo’chopped photos that Reuters carried and then retracted, and the second was the less known […]

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Wikipedia adds RSS to every entry

via Chris Anderson at The Long Tail via Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion: Wikipedia has added RSS feeds to the 1.25 million entries in the encyclopedia. This means you can now more easily track the revision history for important articles, such as those about people, brands or corporations. Simply click on the history link at […]

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Swayed by the power of many

I’ve been watching friends, colleagues, students, and mavens blog for a few years now. I’ve been watching and doubting – watching and waiting for each of them to decide it’s not the way forward. I’ve waited for them to see that I was right whenever I spoke of keeping your online identity as minimal as […]

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